SmartDesk Core - Black Frame

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  • Fully Adjustable Standing Desk: An adjustable sit-to-stand desk that remembers exactly how you like to work and play. The SmartDesk Core standing desk comes with 4 programmable height settings. With just one push of a button you can easily move between your preferred seated or standing height (and everywhere in between). A great option for when multiple users need to share a stand up desk. Now everyone can experience the perfect fit.
  • Electric Height Adjustable: The SmartDesk Core is a standing desk with some serious power. The height adjustable desk contains a dual motor system that runs on an electric outlet voltage of 110-240V. Move from its lowest to highest position in as little as 20 seconds and spend more of your time focusing on what matters - your workflow and gameplay! The solid motor system produces less than 45 decibels of whisper quiet sound. So when it’s time to stand up, your entire workstation glides smoothly for you.
  • Diverse Table Top Options: Whether it’s an all-white desk that you’re after, or you think everything is better in black, the SmartDesk Core standing desk comes in an array of table top and frame options. Mix and match your preferred finish and colorway to create a height that fits perfectly into your existing workspace. Automobile-standard painting ensures a premium finish to all components of your standing desk. Solid matte or satin color, or the organic feel of bamboo or oak, create a look that speaks to you.
  • Durable Frame: The solid steel frame with rounded edges can support and lift up to 300lbs of tasty tech and equipment. Use the SmartDesk Core as a working computer desk with multiple displays, a production hub that houses state of the art audio mixers, or a gaming desk fitted with all the bells and whistles. Whatever your needs, this height adjustable desk can take whatever you throw at it. The frame has an adjustable length range of 40” - 73” and an impressive height range of 28" - 47".

Table Top Size Classic Top
Dimensions 53"L x 29"W x 1"H
Shipping dimensions 56"L x 33"W x 3"H x 47 lbs
Colors White, Black & Bamboo
Material Warp-proof MDF wood (Black/White/Natural Bamboo)


Motor type Dual
Lifting speed 2.3”/sec
Lifting capacity 265 lbs
Noise level 50 dB
Height range (without top) 28.5" - 47"
Height range (with top) 29.5" - 48"
Length range 40" - 73"
Frame foot width 27.5"
Material SPCC steel
Colors Black
Outlet voltage 110-240V
Anti - collision No
Shipping dimensions 43"L x 13"W x 10"H x 67 lbs

Trial & Warranty:

The SmartDesk Core standing desk comes with a whopping 5-year warranty for the frame and 1- year warranty for the desk with the risk free 15-day trial included (Free 15-day trial applies only to orders shipped within Canada). All steel frames and electrical components are manufactured within the same facility with over 20 years of experience, ensuring consistency and reliable quality across every height adjustable desk we produce.