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How to Set Tableware?


How tableware should be set is an art. And doing it correctly means a lot: you will not only please your table guests with clean and neatly laid table, but also demonstrate the best approach to table setting.


To set tableware like a pro never fails to impress. There are table setting rules that should be followed, but in the end everything depends on the formality of meal you serve and your table layout. Even table plates can be set differently: for example, if you will serve a salad as a first dish – there is no need for soup plate at all – it would be enough to place a dinner fork beside the salad plate. If you're going to use table napkins – put them on the table or on top of table plates? It doesn't really matter, only make sure they don't cover table edges. In any case remember one simple rule - do not overload your table with too many eating utensils. Bear in mind that table setting is not table decoration - it's rather a scene preparation. That means tableware should be set correctly in order to facilitate meal or table event.