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2 Seater sofa from HomeBuffet

Sofas & Sectionals


Sofas and Sectionals that are Designed for Living

Sofas and sectionals are the focal points of every living room and family room. They can invite casual comfort or more formal encounters. It just depends on your lifestyle and personal style. The latest trends are all-inclusive, so when it comes to style, material, and color, the sky’s the limit! Our HomeBuffet design experts are always happy to help you select the right seating for your home.


The Size of Your Space is Key


Obviously, the size of your room has everything to do with your choice of a sofa or sectional. Having an oversized sectional can make a room feel crowded and cramped, so the idea is to find the best size to maximize seating without disrupting the traffic flow through the room. Small spaces are often best with a sofa and an accent chair. Larger spaces can more easily fit in sectionals, depending on their shape.


The Shape of the Sectional Matters


Some sectionals are very versatile and can be split up into two pieces if the room cannot accommodate them altogether. Sectional’s come in three shapes: L-shaped, U-shaped, and Curved. Note: the latter cannot be easily broken up into pieces. 

As with all furniture, it is best to measure the ideal space for the sofa or sectional before you shop!