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Houston sideboard from HomeBuffet


Sideboards - Chic, Functional, or Both!

If your dining room or kitchen does not have the desired space for storage, consider adding a sideboard, also known as a buffet table.  One of its primary purposes is to house dining-related items and store infrequently used pieces, like platters, serving bowls, and more. Many people use the top of the sideboard to display decorative items and provide extra space for setting platters and sides when hosting.

How to Select Your Sideboard

  • What Size Can the Room Handle?
  • Better to be safe than sorry later, spend a few minutes measuring the area where you will place the sideboard. A common rule of thumb is for the sideboard surface to match the height of the dining room table or a few inches taller. Measure the width, height, and depth, and be sure to include extra room for both sides to avoid the space appearing crowded.


  • Consider Your Storage Needs
  • Are you storing infrequently used items? Or do you need the extra storage space for regularly used items, often due to a small kitchen? Some sideboards have glass doors, which allow you to display beautiful objects, such as stemware and delicate pieces.