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Side Tables

Side Tables

The Best Way to Choose Your Side Tables


Like most furniture, side tables can serve a dual purpose. They can be functional when next to a chair, loveseat, or sofa. They can also be a welcome addition to the decor and style of the living room. Some people prefer side tables that include storage to reduce clutter, while others simply want the use of the surface. 

The surfaces are used for lamps, decorative objects, and setting down a beverage or small plate of food. So when you are deciding between glass, wood, metal, or stone, consider how easy it can stay clean.


Guidelines on Side Table Height, Width & Depth


Measure the area where you want to place your new side table. It will also help to measure the height of the sofa or chair that will sit next to it. The side table should be no more than 2-inches higher or lower than the nearest seat. It is always easier to use a side table that is a little lower than higher. 

End tables are generally between 16-inches and 22-inches. Make sure the side table you select will have enough surface space to hold the intended pieces comfortably while providing a couple of inches in between it and the sofa or chair. The most popular depth of a side table is the same depth as the sofa or chair. Avoid side tables that are deeper than the seat next to it.