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Madrid Nightstand from HomeBuffet


Modern Nightstands

Browse our selection of modern nightstands to bring effortless style to your home.

How to Select Your Nightstand 

Nightstands are both functional and decorative. They are the ultimate bedside companion if they are the correct height and situated within reach for whatever you need while still in bed. Most people use their nightstands for their alarm clock, a beverage, and the book they were reading before they fell asleep. So nightstands are an important piece of furniture, as they add convenience to your daily life. We want to pass along a few suggestions to make your nightstand selection easy!

Finding the Right Nightstand Height

The ideal height for your nightstand is the same height as the top of your mattress, give or take a couple of inches. The average mattress height is around 25”, so the height of your nightstand should be within 24” and 28”. However, it is best to measure your mattress’s height before shopping for nightstands.

Take a Look at Your Storage Needs

Most nightstands are made with at least one drawer and a shelf or two. Having storage options add to the convenience of having one situated next to your bed. If you have beauty treatments, medications, or other personal items that you don’t want to store on the top surface of the nightstand, you will definitely want one with at least a drawer. Shelves are handy for additional items, like magazines, an electronic tablet, and possibly your devices’ charging station.

What Style Do You Like? 

At HomeBuffet, we offer several styles that will enhance your bedroom’s style. From a simple one-drawer to those with more storage space, you will love our selection. As always, if you need assistance, our in-house design experts are always happy to help!