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gudmund lounge chair from HomeBuffet

Lounge Chairs

Lounge Chairs for the Best Lounging


It is true! Lounge chairs are for lounging, pondering, watching, reading, and just about anything else relaxing. Or course, they also provide extra seating! Finding the perfect lounge chair for your home is as important as buying a sofa because they add a distinctive accent to the living room.


Which Lounge Chair is For You?


Lounge chairs add an accent to any room, particularly when positioned with space on all sides allowing the seated person to stretch out.

Size matters, particularly if the lounge chair extends out further than a standard accent chair cushion. It is always smart to determine the available area in the living room before shopping. If it is going to go next to the sofa, make sure the size is compatible. If the chair is much smaller than the sofa, it will look dwarfed. If the chair is too bulky and oversized, it will probably get in the way of a person on the couch nearest the chair.