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madrid dresser from HomeBuffet


Enhance the look and functionality of your bedroom with the right dresser

Determining the right depth, width, and height for the room is the first place to start once you have chosen where you’d like the dresser to go. We recommend placing them along an empty wall across from the bed or on an adjacent wall.

The Desirable Dresser Height, Depth & Width

Consider whether you will want the dresser height to allow for a television or mirror on top. Or would you like the dresser to be placed below a window with decorative items on top? Or do you need a vertical dresser that takes up less floor and wall space?

The depth of a standard dresser is generally 36-inches, so measure the distance between the wall and the closest piece of furniture to make sure there is enough room to open and close the drawers.

The width of the perfect dresser can be determined by measuring the wall area you have selected for placement. Again, make sure closet or bedroom doors are not restricted by the dresser.


Consider Storage Needs

  • Do you need a variety of drawer sizes? For example, socks don’t need as much drawer space as sweaters. 
  • Will the dresser be used by more than one person? If so, double dressers typically have more storage than a standard or vertical dresser.

If you need assistance in selecting the right dresser for your home, we are eager and ready to help.