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Dining Tables

Dining Tables

Which Dining Table is Best For You?

There are dining table styles and sizes to fit every dining area and budget, so it helps to review the possibilities before settling on one. Many people keep their dining table for years, therefore it makes sense to get a feel for all available options.

A Variety of Options

You may have a favorite shape, or your dining area may dictate the best option for the room. Choose from rectangle, square, round, or oval tabletop surfaces.
While rectangular dining tables seem to be the most popular for multi-purposes and feeding larger groups, round and oval tables create a more intimate environment and can make a boxy room look a bit more elegant. Unless it comes with a leaf, square tables are best placed in a square room.
Another consideration is which table support best suits your needs. The most common supports available are the pedestal, dining table legs, and trestle.
  • Trestle and pedestal are often preferred for extra legroom.
  • Dining tables with legs can get in the way of dining chairs, particularly if trying to crowd in an extra person or two.
Take a look at our lovely variety of dining tables to determine what is best for your dining room area, table usage, and budget. We are always available to help.