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Dining Chairs

Dining Chairs

Looking for New Dining Chairs?

We have a few thoughts to share before you begin shopping.

As you may have guessed, there are two main types of dining room chairs.Those that have arms (armchairs) and those that do not (side chairs). The most common use of armchairs is at both ends of the table, assuming the table is rectangular or oval. However, some customers prefer armchairs or side chairs all the way around. Formal dining chairs are often upholstered or cushioned. Less formal dining chairs are generally manufactured in wood, plastic, metal, or wicker.

When you are looking for the ideal dining room chairs for your home, ask yourself:

  • Will the dining table be used for more than dining? In other words, is durability an important factor?
  • What are the age groups of the people who live in your house and will be using the chairs most frequently? If you have small tots, you may want to consider an easy-to-clean chair material. Conversely, if there are seniors who will be most apt to use the dining chairs, then comfort may play a bigger role.
Of course, personal style also plays an important role! Finding the right seating for your dining space doesn’t need to feel complicated. If it does, give us a call! Our sales associates are always happy to help.