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Coffee Tables

Coffee Tables

Express your personal style when you shop for your new coffee table.

Choose from a variety of coffee tables in different shapes, styles, colors, and more. Coffee tables can add that little extra something that can make any living room pop. However, you have to think about how the table size will affect the functionality and overall appeal of the room. 

Coffee Table Details: Height, & Length

Before you can comfortably select the new table, it is important to measure the existing space with a tape measure. It will help make sure that you select one with the best dimensions for the area. 

A standard coffee table’s height is between 16” and 18”. Our designers feel that the best choice will be the same height as your sofa cushions or 1” - 2” lower. This is based on both appearance and functionality as it allows those seated at the couch to easily reach any food or drinks off the coffee table.

As for length, we recommend selecting a coffee table that is about two-thirds the length of your sofa, which will help the room look more balanced. Once you decide where you will place it, we suggest allowing between 12” and 18” between the coffee table and the sofa. This will ensure guests have enough room to sit on the couch and move around the table comfortably.