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Weighted blankets from HomeBuffet


What do Weighted Blankets Do?


Weighted blankets are heavy, thick blankets used for therapeutic purposes, such as relieving anxiety and stress. Weighted blankets usually have layers of plastic pellets or glass beads inside to provide extra weight, which is meant to produce a calming effect when placed on the body. Weighted blanket use is often recommended by occupational therapists for people who have been diagnosed with certain types of sensory processing disorders that can cause distraction from focusing or working for long periods of time. Weighted blankets may also be recommended for children with behavioral issues who experience difficulties getting restful sleep due to sensory overload.


Weighted Blankets have been found to improve sleep quality in individuals with insomnia due to their ability to increase serotonin production—a neurotransmitter which promotes feelings of calm—and reduce cortisol levels. Weighted blankets are also useful in lowering blood pressure in people with hypertension, and can help reduce or even stop restless.