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What kind of dining table is best for a small dining room?

What kind of dining table is best for a small dining room?


How to Select a Dining Table for a Small Dining Room

The very best dining table for your small dining room is one that fits the space comfortably, in a style you love, that works with your lifestyle, and that costs the amount of money you plan to spend. Aside from those overall checkpoints, there are a few core features you should take into consideration when choosing one.

Affordability, of course, is as important as selecting a dining table and dining chairs that won’t become quickly outdated. Stay away from trends and fads if you want your table to last at least five to ten years. Look for stability, construction, and comfort. When you are shopping, think about what it might feel like to sit at the table and ask yourself, “Will this be comfortable if I am sitting here for hours?” “Will this be a part of a multi-use space or used only for dining?” “Will this be easy to take care of?”


Crafted with Malaysian oak, the Caitlin dining chair adds a great style to your dinner table.


The Unity Dining Chair is simple and versatile. Sleek look makes it a staple piece that suits all dining rooms.


Apartment dwellers are most likely going to use the dining table for more than one purpose, while many homeowners have a separate dining room yet, not always spacious. If you are tight on space, consider buying a table that has the option of adding leaves that can extend the size of the table.

How to Get Started

The best way to get started is to measure the size of the room and the size of the floor where the dining table and chairs will be placed. In fact, consider taking an old sheet or cardboard and blocking off the area for the table; remember the chairs will also need to be taken into consideration. After you get a pretty close idea of the space that you will be working with, then determine your preferences for table shape, table supports, table material, and dining chairs based on your needs.

Table Shape - Oval, Round, Square, Rectangle

Selecting a table shape is critical when trying to find the best option for a small dining room area. There are a few guidelines that will come in handy. 

Oval Dining Room Tables

Oval dining room tables appear to take up less space than square or rectangular tables as the corners are cut off making it seem as if there was more airy space in the room.  They are also great for a narrow room and smaller spaces. Plus, many oval dining tables come with separate leaves that greatly help when entertaining.

Round Dining Room Tables

A round table works very well in smaller square-shaped rooms. Yet, the size of the tabletop makes a difference in terms of comfort and functionality. If the dining table is only going to be used for dining, then a ~95 cm table may work perfectly for two-three people. However, if the plan is to use the table as a desk, or workspace, a larger diameter table will be more versatile.


The Lovise Dining Table features a tempered glass top on a stainless-steel base.


Square Dining Room Tables

Interestingly, a square table looks best in a square room rather than one with curved walls. It also has the tendency to look a bit boxy, unless the tabletop material appears to be more airy, such as glass. Many square dining room tables do not come with leaves, particularly the smaller-sized tables so keep that in mind if you are an avid entertainer. 

Rectangular Dining Room Tables

Many people select a rectangular dining room table, particularly if the dining room is also rectangular. It is the perfect shape for seating more than four people and seem to fit the dining room chairs in a less obtrusive manner, as they often slide in. Plus, many rectangular tables come with leaves to extend the seating capacity.


Archie Dining Table - It is sleek. It is elegant. It is the perfect addition to your dining room.


Table Supports - Trestle, Pedestal, Legs

The type of table support you select has everything to do with how many people can fit at the table. With a pedestal or trestle table, there is more flexibility to add people, as the dining table legs do not get in the way of the dining chairs. If the table has legs, consider looking for thinner legs in the event you want to squeeze in an extra chair. The overall goal is to make sure there is enough space for knees when the chairs are pushed in all of the way.

Table Material - Wood, Glass, Metal, Plastic/Laminates

The type of material you prefer for your dining room table should help minimize the appearance of making the dining area looking crowded. That generally points to glass or light-colored wood. 

Glass tabletops come in clear, frosted, or tinted glass. The most popular is clear, particularly for smaller rooms because it creates a more open, spacious look. The nice thing about glass is that is it not susceptible to temperature. It won’t easily chip or crack from heat, but it will scratch if you’re not careful. Additionally, glass does show fingerprints and other smudges, so it begs to be frequently cleaned. 


Wood is also a very common tabletop material, as it is a durable material and easy to repair. Solid wood is the most expensive but can last decades if taken care of properly. So if budget is an issue, you may prefer the glass option. 

Plastic and other laminates are also offered, generally with lower-price tags. Although they look great when newly purchased, they also show fingerprints, scratches, and basic wear and tear. They are not recommended for long-term use as the legs are often glued in place. Plus, they look as inexpensive as they are.


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