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What is Modular Sofa?

Gioia sofas from HomeBuffet

Modular sofas are made up of movable pieces called modules and can come in a wide array of styles. Modules can be made in nearly any style imaginable to promote individualism and set the mood you desire. They can also be armless, have an armrest, have an extended piece for extra leg room, or have more than one back support pieces. However, the most common type of module, chaise modules, are where the chair is attached backwards allowing your legs to extend while sitting or resting on it - similar to that of a bed. Modular sofas can come in many different colors and materials such as leather, micro-suede, fabric, etc.

Benefits of Modular Sofa: 

  • Comfort - Modular Sofas are extremely customizable, which allow for maximum comfort where you can add or remove modules based on how much space you'd like. There are many colors to choose from as well, and you may even think of having a sofa with different colors to spice up your room!
  • High Quality - Modular sofas are typically made of the highest quality materials, which means you'll never have to worry about getting tired or worn out furniture.
  • Fashionable -  With the many different styles of modular sofas available, you're sure to find a sofa that fits your home perfectly. There are even options for matching both your old and new furniture if you're renovating or redecorating!
  • Versatility - Modular sofas are very versatile and can fit in with any style, from cozy rustic to sleek modern. This is mostly due to its basic design, where it has strictly straight lines, without any curve or ornate carving. They also come in different shapes and styles - you may want a corner sofa instead of your standard rectangular one; perhaps even an ottoman or chaise lounge? No problem! 
  • Autonomy - Modular sofas give you the freedom to rearrange your room without having to buy new furniture - simply unhook them and move them around until you're satisfied! You can also change the layout based on how many people are coming over. For instance, if it's just for one other person, switching out some modules (adding 2 chairs instead of a chaise lounge) is going to be sufficient. This way, you save money from buying additional furniture that might just take up too much space in your house.

Is a Modular Sofa Right for You?

If you've been looking for a change of pace and something that's convenient, then a modular sofa might be right for you. These sofas are very affordable and can easily fit into any living room or setting. Plus, they're versatile enough to be rearranged into almost any formation that you please! So, if it sounds like the perfect option for you, check out our sofa collection for a beautiful selection of sofas and sectionals.

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