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The Best Sofas for Small Spaces


When you are living in a space that has a small living room, it is a little perplexing on how to select a sofa that is visually appealing, comfortable, and doesn’t overpower the room. In any small space the goal is to make the room appear to be larger and more spacious than it actually is. No one wants to feel like they are living in a cramped, dysfunctional space.

The best way to get started is to measure the dimensions of the room and note the possible spaces for seating options. Many small living rooms do not leave a great deal of options when it comes to deciding which wall the sofa will occupy. Sometimes the location of the television cable will dictate where the television will be placed and subsequently, where the sofa will need to be situated. The idea is to keep your small living room looking as open and large as possible.

Tips for Your Sofa Selection

  • Lower back chairs and sofas will keep the room looking open. Higher back chairs and sofas tend to diminish the vantage point of those who come into the room and/or are seated.
  • Light, neutral furniture colors will give the space an expansive look. Bring brighter colors into the room with art, rugs, and other decor.
  • For extra small spaces, consider a smaller sofa along with a few cushioned chairs. This will provide flexibility for periodically changing things around to freshen up the look.

Think about your lifestyle. How many people are living in the space? Do you have guests visiting frequently? What is your style preference? Do you prefer to sit on a softer cushion or a more firm, supportive sofa?

Sofa Styles to Consider

Apartment size sofas are good for small spaces as the typical apartment size sofa measures around 73-75 inches in length versus the more standard size of 84-inches. Our 3-seater sofas check off boxes for both comfort and style. We also carry apartment sofas that are even smaller (around 61-inches) and are perfect for very small spaces and also for rooms where you want more than one seating option.

Bente Tufted Velvet Loveseat 2-Seater Sofa - Light Blue

Lilly 3-Seater Sofa - Beige

If you love the look and feel of a soft, puffy sofa, take a peek at our tufted loveseats or for a more firm, sleek look consider our smaller loveseats. 

Sectional sofas often seem out of reach for smaller living spaces, but they can be surprisingly perfect. Depending on the style, many sectionals can be arranged so the pieces are separate or as a group. Plus, you have the flexibility to mix and match the pieces. Our sectionals are very comfortable and include all the pieces you need to create an inviting sitting area.

L-Shaped 3 Seater Left Sectional Chaise Modern Sofa

Standard size sofas can be fully functional in many small living rooms, yet it really depends on the available wall space. In most cases, it is better to have more than one seating option and furniture that makes the room look more spacious. Keep in mind, you will have other pieces of furniture, such as a side table, a coffee table, television/media console - so plan ahead.

 HomeBuffet is where modern meets minimalism! We are happy to make recommendations that suit your style and budget!

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