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The Best Modern Living Room Furniture for Small Spaces

The Best Modern Living Room Furniture for Small Spaces

Furnishing your small living space may appear to be quite the challenge but surprisingly, it might even be an easier task than furnishing a larger space! While both follow similar principles, with a smaller space, you have to be more mindful not to overcrowd your living space and just pick a few pieces of furniture that speak to you. Here are our top four tips on what to look for to find the best modern living room furniture for small spaces


A great way to reduce the amount of space you need to dedicate for furniture is to look for multifunctional pieces. By finding great pieces that serve dual purposes, you can keep your living space light and spacious, making it seem larger than it really is.

  • Finding the perfect sofa: Depending on the number of people you may live with, you may consider finding a nice minimalist seat that can serve as both a cozy sofa as well as a comfy lounge chair. A great trick to finding suitable sofas for a small living space is looking for sectionals instead of the traditional 2 or 3-seater sofas. Many sectionals are sold in parts so that you can more or less customize your sofa size or even just having one segment as a stand alone piece.


The Modern Lounge Chair paired with the Modern Armrest and Bjorn Ottoman, forming a 3-seater sectional
  • Storage units with drawers: Having a nice open-face storage shelf may be a good option for you if you do not have too many things lying around. However, having a small space may be hard to have more than a singular display shelf, which may not be enough to hold all or even most of your smaller belongings in an organized manner. By having a shelf with drawers, you can compartmentalize within the drawers and have dividers separating your small accessory items in organized sections. Plus, it may even be an easier way of keeping track of where everything is (ie. teas and coffees in the first drawer, board games and entertainment in the second drawer, etc.). A tip for finding multipurpose shelving units is don’t be afraid to look in unconventional collections to find the perfect drawered shelf! Dressers, sideboards, or even office drawers may be great places to look for amazing multipurpose storage units
  • Disguised storage: Another great way to maintain a small organized home is furniture with disguised storages! For those of you with some makeup and jewellery that need to be stowed away,mirrored jewellery cabinets are a very convenient way to store your beauty essentials while serving a dual purpose as a mirror. Another stylish favourite are storage ottomans. Not only do they provide an extra seat in the room, they normally have a hidden storage under the seat cover. You can have it in the entryway as a bench and hide away any bulky snow pants or winter gloves in the storage compartment for an organized and convenient way to access your winter needs. However, our personal favourite is having it by the foot of the bed to store and keep any clean duvet covers or pillow cases nearby for convenience when they need changing. 

Simple Pieces:

A second rule of thumb when picking out furniture for a smaller home is having simple yet impactful pieces. By having simple designs, there isn’t any element that the eye sticks to and opens up the space, keeping a well balanced space. Along with simple styles, looking for glass or translucent designs may also help open the space up. Especially centre pieces like coffee tables, having a glass topped coffee table will almost make it seem as if it weren’t there, completely opening up the space. Another helpful tip when picking out furniture for a smaller space is to start picking out the essentials first, then add to your collection if you still have some room you wanted to fill. For example, pick out your coffee table, sofa(s), and dining table first before moving on to decor items or perhaps a second sofa to ensure you have a good feel of your space first before potentially overcrowding your living area.


Glass topped Triangle Coffee Table

Cozy and Personalized:

While having a limited space may prevent you from adding too many things, having a few key pieces that truly speak to you is essential for making your place feel like your own. Although being in a small space may often lead to your preference spending your time outdoors, turning that small space into your own little cove may change your perspective of the situation! 

  • A cozy rug: A great place to start your personalization is a nice, cozy rug! Whether you love a rustic, antique-y look or a simple one-toned rug, it can completely elevate your living space and inherently set the mood for your home.
  • A few personal wall decor items: Another great way to add some more personalization to your space is having somewall decor that you truly love. Whether that is a poster of your favorite artist, some art prints, or our personal favourite-- wall decals! Wall decals are a fun way to dress up your walls or you may even prefer to cut them into desired shapes to put on furniture or even dresser handles. Whether you prefer to cover up your whole wall with a wall decal sheet or find fun abstract wall decals to add a small design to your wall, it’s a great and easy way for you to add a personal touch to your walls without any professional help
  • Pillows and blankets: Lastly, another great way to add some coziness and personalization to your space is by adding some blankets and some of your favourite pillows. Fleece blankets in particular have a very soft and warm material-- perfect while watching a movie or just lounging on the couch. Pillows are also a great way to introduce a pop of colour or even your favourite colours to your space without making your space feeling overcrowded. Adding different shapes and sizes of pillows are also a great way to express yourself in a small yet impactful way!


Seek Balance Wall Decal

Light Colour Palette

Last but not least, keeping in tune with a lighter colour palette will instantly open up your space! Sticking to a 2 or 3-colour palette is an ideal range to stick to for smaller spaces to prevent your space from looking overwhelming. Having a darker colour scheme may cause your space to look ‘heavy’ and a lot smaller than it actually is as opposed to sticking to a lighter colour palette, which may even open up the space even more.

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