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Small Living Room Design Ideas

Small Living Room Design Ideas

If your living room is small, feeling cramped and cluttered, you're not going to want to spend time in there. Fortunately, there are ways to trick the eye into thinking the room is bigger than it appears using the following small living room design ideas.

Creative Lighting

Use lighting options that hang from the ceiling or are attached to the walls to save room on available floor space. Swing-arm decorative wall lighting fixtures are attractive options, adding dimension to the walls, a perfect scenario for a small living room.

Lova Marble Table Lamp - The silhouette gives it an effortless glow and the softest touch of contemporary.


Fiona Floor Lamp - Its gold frame and triangulated legs are simple and classic.


Use Cozy Armchairs Instead of a Sofa

If you don't have room for a sofa, use two cozy armchairs. Or use a small loveseat or settee, along with a comfy chair (a colorful settee/loveseat will add personality to the room). If there's a fireplace in the living room, face them towards it to inspire cozy get-togethers and conversation.

1-Seater Lounge Chair - It features wide, plush cushions to add extra padding and ergonomic support.


1-Seater Chair - Cream Boucle - It features a plush fabric to add extra softness.


Add a Large Rug

Adding a large rug, even one with a bold pattern, is a design idea that will make a small living room feel bigger. Contrary to smaller rugs, a large rug won't visually split up the floor and can help tie the space together.



Traditional Coffee Table Alternatives

You'll have several choices for space-saving coffee table alternative ideas, including the following:
•    Nesting tables you can separate for get-togethers
•    Smaller, matching side tables
•    Use an ottoman to make better use of living room space. You can top an ottoman with a tray you can use to hold books, flowers, and even snacks, or use them for additional seating. There are also ottoman styles that work as storage areas.
•    Use a storage bench that can also be used for extra seating, as a table surface (just confirm weight capacity), and for storage.


Natural Wood Side Table - made of high-quality density boards and solid wood to ensure the sturdiness.


Marble Side Table - The Manon Marble Side Table features an elegant marble top with a champagne gold steel base.



Add eye-catching artwork but hang it high to accentuate and expand the height of the living room. A gallery of artwork (or photographs) on a wall may seem too busy for a smaller space; however, it can make it feel bigger if it is hung high up on the wall.

With these small living room design ideas to guide your way, you and your family will end up loving the space, and it will become the heart of your home.

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