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Is Working from Home the New Normal after the Pandemic? 

Is Working from Home the New Normal after the Pandemic? 

At first, working from home was a lifeline to staying connected with office-mates and keeping the bottom line of businesses healthy. It seemed like it was going to be a temporary arrangement, just until the pandemic got solved or went away. 

But when giant companies like Alphabet, Google, Facebook, and Twitter announced that their employees would be working from home at least until September 2021, other major corporations began rethinking their back-to-work mandates. In fact, Facebook and Twitter have both stated that employees can live remotely and telecommute permanently, which definitely means the business world is shifting its standards.

If you’ve been working at home during this past year, you may have missed in-office time because of the camaraderie and office equipment. However, many have discovered the beauty of saving time and money on gas, clothes, restaurant meals, frequent salon grooming, and other items that are often considered necessities.  It may be a bonus to continue to work at home permanently, but if so, it’s time to get serious about setting up a comfortable and efficient home office! Sure, working on the dining room table or couch has been helpful, but setting up a real office with a desk, office chair, lamp, and side cabinet will make you feel that much more professional. You may even want to change out of those pajama bottoms and suit up with some new levis! 

Desk lamp
The Filippa Table Lamp is simple, sleek and practical.


Adjustable Sit to Stand Desk

If you haven’t tried an adjustable sit-to-stand desk, you are in for a real treat. No matter how much we have focused on our health in the past, our work life has kept us tethered to our office desk and chair. Now, many people are basically going from the bedroom to a different place in the house to work. In the past, at least commuting and walking around the office added a bit more exercise. Sitting in one place and in one basic position all day without moving around can really take its toll on the body.

Adjustable Desk

Customize your desk to adjust to your work experience. The elegant and practical design makes it perfect furniture to fit your home or office.

Check out these healthy advantages of using an adjustable sit-to-stand desk:

  • Provides opportunities for movement, which helps increase circulation 
  • Standing burns around 50 calories each hour!
  • Reduces back and neck pains
  • Improves posture
  • Reduces arm and wrist strain

Our adjustable sit-to-stand desk has it all. It is classic white, which is more elegant than most of the other brands that are available, and very stylish. The height is adjustable between 27.5” and 42” so you can sit, stand, sit, stand - all day! Plus it has lockable casters, so you can easily move the desk or lock it in place!

Ergonomic Office Chairs

Does this sound familiar? When you are sitting at your desk, is your neck generally stretched forward and your shoulders slumped? Most people do not even realize when they are slouching while sitting at their desks. If you are guilty of this, you are probably aware of the aches and pains caused by improper alignment. 


Plus, sitting day-after-day in this position could have a long-term negative effect. The skeletal system was built for movement, however, since many jobs require desk work, ergonomic office chairs are the answer. The great thing about ergonomic chairs is that they genuinely reduce back pain by gently positioning the body in proper alignment of the shoulders, hips, and spine. 

Office chair

Our Mesh Mid-Back Office Chair is the perfect solution for every home office.

Our ergonomic office chairs come in four comfortable styles. Each model is made with a breathable mesh back and seat - which provides circulation and reduces heat and humidity. Our high-quality mesh material also prevents wear-and-tear and misshaping so it will remain ergonomically yours for a long, long time. Each model has unique features; they all have a 360-degree swivel wheel, adjustable height, and casters. Our high-end model has a removable lumbar support, however, the support can reduce pressure on the spine which why the model is so popular. With four of the most affordable, adjustable ergonomic office chairs to choose from, you can’t go wrong - so let your budget be your guide!

Side Cabinet and Lamps Galore

Of course, no home office is complete without a side cabinet to stash papers. Plus, since most homes aren’t equipped with that dreadful corporate office fluorescent illumination, a desk or floor lamp (or both!) will probably be necessary. 

Our Evy Side Cabinet was designed to work with any decor or motif, as its rich walnut colour is warm but neutral-toned. Classy, classic, and versatile! 


The Evy Side Cabinet has that mid-century modern look that is sure to blend in with any room.

Our desk and floor lamps were artistically designed to add a bit of flair to the home office. Our Reflection Floor Lamp provides great lighting - especially good for those video meetings as it provides a large radius of illumination. Another popular item is our Alayna Table Lamp, which creates a warm glow from its ultra-unique and sophisticated black and white design made of aluminum, iron, and crystal glass.


This contemporary floor lamp is the perfect addition to every living room.


HomeBuffet - The Shop for Home Office Essentials

Have a little extra room? If so, another great addition for your home office is the Milla Cabinet, perfect as a bookshelf or for displaying conversation-piece knick-knacks. If there is room, the Lilly 2-Seater Sofa is a great place to sit and think, while taking those morning and afternoon coffee breaks.



Whether you are looking for sleek home office furniture or furniture and decor for other rooms, HomeBuffet is known for having the best selection of home essentials.

HomeBuffet specializes in contemporary, yet, comfortable pieces that are perfect for a professional and stylish home office. We look forward to your visits!

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