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Five tips to make your bedroom look modern

Five tips to make your bedroom look modern

A modern bedroom doesn't need to be cold and sterile. A true modern bedroom provides a sleek, uncluttered look that is conducive to getting a good night’s sleep. Setting up a refined yet cozy, modern aesthetic involves incorporating luxurious bedding, rich materials, along with an occasional dash of color.

Following are 5 tips that can help make your bedroom look modern.

1. Use Accents that Pop

While using similar colors can help create a tranquil space, complementary colors are directly opposite on the conventional color wheel. Consider using complementary, contrasting colors in your modern bedroom. A contrast of striking colors will create a modern, eye-catching ambiance and can create a compelling focal point via artwork and accessories.

Jewelry cabinets are another accessory that add an attractive element to modern bedrooms. Today's jewelry cabinets have come a long way, now looking more like beautiful pieces of contemporary furniture. Mirrored jewelry cabinets act as a place to see yourself as you try on outfits, and hide away your perfectly arranged necklaces, earrings, etc., inside.

This jewelry mirror piece is exactly what you need to keep your jewelry safe and see how they look all in one dynamic piece.

This jewelry mirror piece is exactly what you need to keep your jewelry safe and see how they look all in one dynamic piece.

2. Blend Different Materials

While using the same materials (like natural wood) in your bedroom can give it a cohesive look, chances are you'll get bored with it after a while if it's too "matchy". Instead, blend various materials throughout. Mixing together materials like wood, metal, linen, wicker or jute will create an aesthetically pleasing space with just the right amount of texture. Besides choosing a bed that suits your bedroom space, you'll need bedside tables and dressers, available in a variety of shapes, sizes and features. Dressers and bedside tables with dark wood finishes will look great in a modern bedroom. Look for versions that will fit in well with your bedroom’s modern design and also include storage space.

Denton Dresser features a clean silhouette, dark wood finish and large storage space to fit any room design.

The Denton Bedside Table is what you need to complete your bedroom decor.


3. Modern Lighting

No contemporary bedroom is complete without strategically placed lighting. If the rest of your bedroom is going to be neutral and understated, think about making an impact with modern lighting. Think about using bold sconces, dramatic lights for side tables, or even an oversized chandelier if the bedroom is big enough. These modern lighting ideas can add a lot of dimension in a bedroom.

Fiona floor lamp - its gold frame and triangulated legs are simple and classic


4. Use a Mix of Luxurious Textiles

 Using luxurious textiles is an absolute must in modern bedroom designs. Consider things like faux fur throws, high thread count bedding, and deep-pile rugs, all items that add more dimension and create a wonderfully cozy bedroom space.

5. Focus on the Art

No modern bedroom can truly shine without the perfect artwork. Add an eye-catching piece of art above the bed to finish off the space, and that weaves the rest of the bedroom's color palette throughout to help create a finished, cohesive look.

The tips listed here will help ensure your modern bedroom design encourages a positive mood and setting where you can relax and unwind; just make sure that it reflects your style; features your favorite colors, patterns, and materials, maximizes space and shines in all the right places.

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