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Essential kitchen gadgets/accessories we use every day

Essential kitchen gadgets/accessories we use every day

Few things make spending time in the kitchen more enjoyable than useful, high-quality gadgets and accessories you'll use every day. Following are a few essential "must-haves" you should be using in your kitchen today.

A Good Coffee Grinder

Most of us love a good, fresh cup of coffee in the morning, and the secret to the best brew is using freshly ground coffee beans. There are several great coffee grinders on the market, available in various settings between coarse or fine grounds.


Cheese Grater

Every kitchen should have a cheese grater with options that include different grating sides (medium or coarse). There are also graters available that are foldable, so they take up less space.

Silicone Oven Mitts

These are one of the handiest kitchen accessories you can buy. Silicone oven mitts provide a nice solid grip and don't let in any heat when you are pulling your meals out of the oven. Bottom line, silicone mitts offer an impressive combination of comfort, heat protection, and maneuverability.

Food Wraps

Preserving food in single-use plastic wrap or bags is a waste of resources, money, and worse - is toxic. Reusable food wraps won't include potential toxins, and they work great, keep food fresh, can be reused repeatedly making them budget friendly.


Reusable Wraps - Good for your food. Good for the earth.


Reusable Dishcloths - super absorbent · dishwasher safe · compostable


Dish Brushes

Once you trade in your sponge for a wooden or bamboo dish brush, you'll wonder why you hadn't made the switch a long time ago. Most dish sponges on the market are disposable, and they hold more bacteria. On the other hand, bristled brushes easily and safely scrub away food without transforming into a stinky, bedraggled, brown mess.

Bamboo Kitchenware

Whip up your culinary masterpieces or quick, kid-friendly meals with resilient bamboo cooking kitchenware. Bamboo is stain, heat, water-resistant, and is easy to clean. High-quality bamboo dishes, utensils, and other housewares are easy to care for - just hand wash with warm water, a bit of dish soap, and dry.


Bamboo Plate - The substitute to plastic.

Reusable Cookware - This cookware is not only environmentally friendly but also provides a long service life.

The essential kitchen accessories and gadgets listed here will make cooking (and cleaning up!) fun, convenient, and safe, whether you're just making a cup of coffee, an easy weeknight meal for the family, or storing leftovers after a holiday meal.


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