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Cool kitchen accessories that would make your life easier

Cool kitchen accessories that would make your life easier

Sometimes having the right tools in the kitchen can make the difference between whipping up great food at home or ordering in. Get some help with these cool kitchen accessories that will make your life easier.

Reusable Kitchen Accessories

Most of us could use a little more organization in the kitchen and a lot less plastic waste in our lives. Instead of one-use kitchen accessories like plastic bags, save money and support the environment by switching to reusable storage bags. Similarly, buy reusable dishcloths or brushes that will not get stinky and soggy or fall apart like sponges.

image of resuable wraps

Reusable Wraps - Good for your food. Good for the earth

A Microwave Pasta Cooker
This innovative product will save you time when you are too tired to cook.  Using a microwave pasta cooker is faster than boiling water in a pot, not to mention having to watch and stir throughout the cooking process. Most important of all, the pasta will turn out perfect every time, and cleaning up is a snap.

Bamboo Cookware
This cookware is not just environmentally friendly - it is also extremely durable. With its nice, smooth finish, appealing appearance, and water resistance, bamboo cookware, and accessories add an essential touch to any kitchen.


Elephant shape bamboo plate with suction base

Bamboo Plate with Suction Base

Over The Sink Drying Rack
Perfect for small kitchens, or just for because they are so versatile, over-the-sink drying racks serve various purposes, including drying dishes, or holding fruit and veggies while they are being prepped (doubling as a colander).
Pot Lid Rack/Pan Organizer
How frustrating is it to search for the appropriate lid in the cupboard for a specific pot? Very! Pot lid rack and pan organizers make it easy to grab the right pots and lids without causing an avalanche.

Whether you are adding to your current kitchen essentials collection or looking for a housewarming gift, these cool kitchen accessories will make life easier.


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